melted monkey

2003-09-21 00:57:55 -0700

My monkey melted today as I slept. I pulled an all-nighter and fell asleep in the early afternoon. When I woke up, I found patches of what felt like cakes of sea salt on my sheets. Then in the shower, I discovered and brushed off many small bumps on my upper back and neck. It wasn't until I had put my contacts in, stepped back out into the bedroom, and saw my bookshelf that I realized what had happened. My wax monkey had melted. And as its waxy corpus dripped from the top shelf, the drops hit the lower shelves and the arm rest of my futon and splattered all over my bed, my books, the carpet, and my sleeping self.

Continuing to abide by my promise to Evil Incorporated, I am placing the Monkey in another prominent place here on my site, where I hope it will be less susceptible to another meltdown.