catching up

2004-05-08 00:21:13 -0700

So it's been almost six months since I've updated this thing. I've written only about five entries in my journal in that time, and hardly any personal email. Until a few days ago, the most extensive writing I had done for months had been for work.

I have been doing well. Fairly uninspired at the moment, but well. Undoubtedly, for me to try to recount all of the drama and excitement of this year so far would be counterproductive. I'd probably never finish this entry, much less post it.

Random highlights include such things as: starring as Lord Mormon on Fantasy Bedtime Hour (Episodes 16 and 17; kung-fu voiceover in Episode 14), playing lots of MTG, spending lots of time at Cup-a-Joe, and not playing enough guitar.

I've been spending most of my time with a small number of close friends. I don't feel like I've been at home a whole lot lately. By the time I do get home each day, I rarely have the combination of energy, time, and timing to keep in touch with anyone.

Sandy has shamed me into starting to update this blog again. I set him up with his own blog not too long ago, and he's been posting to it regularly. He surely has much less free time than I do, but still manages to post at least once a week. Surely I can do as much.

David also gave me a man-mule sized kick in

If you, dear reader, would like a blog of your very own to neglect grievously, drop me a line.