2004-11-07 00:50:40 -0800

I like to think I'm a reasonable, fair-minded adult capable of appreciating a good argument even if I do not agree with the opinion that that argument is used to support. I acknowledge that I have my biases and limitations, but I like to think I am capable of understanding another point of view even when I do not share that point of view. But I am having a great deal of difficulty understanding how a well-informed person with reasonable intelligence in an average station in life could support the Bush administration. I would sincerely like to have someone provide me with (or provide reference to) a clear, well-reasoned explanation for why they feel that the Bush administration adequately represents the majority of citizens in this country.

If an essential part of your argument relies on the validity of your particular interpretation of the Bible, I suspect we're going to run into difficulties that I currently lack the capacity to reconcile.