a modest commitment experiment

2005-03-24 00:01:09 -0800

I will post to this blog every day for the rest of March, regardless of how short or inane the entry. I'm not sure what reward I'll give myself if I do, or what punishment I'll inflict on myself if I don't; past experience suggests that contemplating which of these strategies would be more effective at helping me to keep my commitment would delay inception indefinitely. Similarly, any attempts to work out in advance what time of day I do this, from where, how long I spend on it, the minimum or maximum length of the entries, what topics I'll address, whether or not I'll reply to comments, etc. are likely to be highly counterproductive. Whether I actually learn anything from this exercise or endeavor to record what I've learned is irrelevant. What is important is that I do what I have chosen to do, even in the face of the nearly pathological—and inadequately explored—fear or despair I've developed with respect to writing.