rise over run

2006-01-05 00:53:50 -0800

Last night I dreamt I was on a moderate, featureless slope that appeared to stretch into the horizon on both sides and upward indefinitely; I couldn't see behind me. Where I lay face-down on the slope, it was covered with thick, layered white bedding material. I held onto the material with both hands, using it to keep my place even though the slope was not really that steep. I was gradually sliding down the slope on the material. The sensation was akin to falling, but I wasn't moving quickly. I suddenly started to scramble up the bedding material trying move up the slope, but the more energy I put into climbing the more swiftly the sheets moved downhill underneath me, carrying me with them. Then in my peripheral vision I could begin to see the bottom of the slope; it ended in a vast, dark chasm. Alarmed, I immediately stopped scrambling. Once again I lay motionless, gripping the sheets, slipping slowly but inexorably toward oblivion.