dad and heidi visit

2007-08-30 19:42:00 -0700

Dad and Heidi came out to visit earlier this month. We had a great time. Aside from the usual regimen of just hanging out and talking, we rented bikes and rode through Golden Gate Park to Ocean Beach, went to the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers, toured the USS Hornet, watched most of the first season of Eureka, ate at some of my favorite restaurants in the City, and Karen took Heidi boogie boarding with Jenn and Chris. But the highlight for me was our trip to Sequoia National Park. I booked a cabin at a fairly remote campground and we all spent a few days relaxing, driving through mountains on windy roads, hiking through the sequoias, and stargazing. Dad had rented a telescope, and with a tripod we borrowed from Tadhg we were able to take some decent pictures of the moon with his new digital camera. As with seeing real sequoias versus photos of them, looking at Jupiter, the moon, and other celestial objects through the telescope is quite a different experience than seeing photos. I now have a much greater appreciation for my dad's love of astronomy.

I'll try to post photos soon.