in absentia

2007-09-30 13:21:19 -0700

I am sitting on a couch in the Haber home struggling to identify a thought around which to organize this entry. My ten year St. John's class reunion seems an obvious focus, but I don't feel that I have anything interesting to say. The inferences one might draw from this statement quite likely do not provide an accurate reflection of my experiences this weekend, but it is certainly consistent with how I have been feeling for the last couple of months. My interest in my own thoughts is exceptionally low right now, so it takes quite an effort for me to share them, to presume that anyone else could possibly be entertained, amused, or informed by these fleeting, ill-constructed, inadequately considered heaps of almost random words. If I am annoyed at my own voice, why speak? The commitment I made to write here at least once a month has managed to compel me to make an attempt, even if it is unsupported by my current sentiment and reason. Sadly, this does not come packaged with inspiration and substance. I'm stuck in my head, but there seems to be so little activity here.