on catfish curry and flat tires

2007-10-21 21:11:12 -0700

if you ever find yourself in the situation of having burmese catfish curry leftovers in your backpack, i strongly recommend not keeping them there overnight. playing guitar for eight hours straight is much more rewarding than an occasional five minutes of languid pentatonic noodling. if you see a car driving down the street with a cane on the top of it, the driver will most likely be grateful if you ride your ass off to catch up with them at a stoplight, tap on their window, and present said cane to them; but be prepared for a surprised or frightened look when you first tap on the window. this one has yet to fully sink in for me, but the possibility of indefinite preservation does not necessitate it; ephemera have a definite place in our lives (even if only for a little while). poor memory seems on the whole to make life less interesting. a tiny, 2mm sliver of wire smaller in diameter than a garbage tie is sufficient under the right circumstances to cause a flat tire on a mountain bike; carrying a bike pump and a $20 bill on my weekly rides has proven to have been a good practice.