duck herding

2007-12-31 16:17:30 -0800

As the end of 2007 approaches, an incomplete overgeneralized summary of the year is certainly in order, right? Broadly speaking, it seems that I have finally been getting all my ducks in a row. Okay, maybe just a lot of them. And maybe not precisely in a row, per se. Hurtling through the year, I started a lot of projects and developed the means to start others, but for various reasons did not follow through. Now I feel like I'm getting much closer to having the ability to follow through. I got renter's insurance. I started backing up my computers regularly. I have been exercising regularly. I have become noticeably more proficient at my work. I appear to have found a solution to a debilitating problem that has plagued me for most of my adult life, and have overcome my stubbornness enough to embrace it. I have actually been putting to good use most of the gadgets I bought this year. I have been getting in contact with old friends and acquaintances. I have been more reliably enjoying playing guitar (when I do, at least). My overall attitude and disposition have been improving.

There are some things I have identified that would probably help me going into the next year. Do my dishes right after I use them. Netsurf less. Watch less video. Exercise greater self-discipline when it comes to gaming. Resume running regularly. Switch to posting on the first of the month rather than the last of the month. Establish designated places for storing things. Make a greater effort to keep in touch with people. Spend more time with friends. Write more often. Read more often.