a touch of madness

2007-06-29 06:11:54 -0700

i have been working some late nights this month finishing a project important to my employer. although the deadlines can be stressful at times, i feel like i am finally starting to improve my craft noticeably. i am getting into a rhythm with writing code and establishing good habits. i still have some difficulties focusing as well as i would like to some days, but once i get in the zone i really enjoy it and want more. and anyway some of my best hours are between 22:00 and 03:00. so tonight i got home around 04:30. i put my things away, got ready for bed, and then put on my gear and went for a run.

a what? huh? when? you? sure, it's been oh say about ten years since i did this regularly, but what's a decade between exercising good habits? or good exercising habits. or whatever. so this was the sixth premeditated run i've completed in a row. i run two times a week for about twenty minutes around my neighborhood. if you've been to my neighborhood, that probably means a little more to you. suffice it to say, there are a lot of hills. i like to listen to music as i am running. this morning i was listening to the rodrigo y gabriela album tadhg gave to me earlier this week. their cover of metallica's orion is pretty incredible. and that got me up the steps at vallejo and taylor. earlier this week as i approached the top of those stairs i was listening to dream theater's the dark eternal night and labrie had just sung the lyric "...climbing endless stairs...". haha. at the top of those stairs, i usually turn right and head down towards green street. halfway down the hill, the view previously obstructed by trees clears and you can see (well, during the day) an amazing view of alcatraz. so i think i might just be able to keep this up. even if my zeal to keep my schedule may be a little crazy.

i need to post more photos. the brunch karen and i hosted recently was a great success, and there were some fun pics from that. i have another series of hawk hill photos. i promised to scan the photos chris took ages ago. i told rana i'd put some on my sjc alum page. and who knows what other miscellaneous randomness lurks in the bitrotting digital jungle of my desktop.

i am looking forward to a visit from dad later this year and hopefully heidi as well. the only sibling to visit me in california so far has been jorgen, and that was about nine years ago. note to family: i can help with expenses and provide a place to stay. sometime in the next five years, i'd like to have everyone out here at least once.

i had some other things to say, but i've been up for almost twenty-four hours now, and i'm beginning to trough again.