blog irony

2006-07-19 17:00:00 -0700

Just a short time after I switched from to blojsom from Moveable Type, Six Apart has announced that MT is now free for personal use with unlimited blogs and unlimted authors (the restriction on numbers of blogs and authors available in the free version being one of the primary reasons for my move away from Moveable Type in the first place). Meanwhile, I discovered that the next version of blojsom does not intend to continue support of a filesystem backend, a feature which was one of the primary reasons I chose it over other open source alternatives (others reasons being that it supports multiple blogs, multiple users, and is a Java-based). This is quite disappointing; I had been looking forward to having a long-term, well-maintained blog platform on which I could edit entries in vi, Xcode, SubEthaEdit, or whatever other editor happened to be at hand to edit blog entries and then check them in via Subversion (with a crontab entry to "svn up" my server's blog directory periodically to publish). For other blogs I'm hosting, I wanted to allow their owners to mount their blog directory via AFP, SMB, or WebDAV and use tools familiar to them to write blog entries in plain text. I suppose it would help me swallow this bitter pill if blojsom's web interface for entering and maintaining entries weren't so atrocious.

Ultimately, I guess there is no reason I can't have all of this except for the "well-maintained blog platform" part by sticking with 2.x indefinitely.