2007-05-31 23:59:37 -0700

I've really got to stop waiting to the last minute to write this monthly post. I've had what I think were some good ideas of topics to write about, but at this point I can't remember what any of them were, wouldn't have the energy now to do them justice even I could remember, and didn't even see fit to write them down anywhere anyway.

I feel like I've been slowly emerging from the listlessness that has characterized most of my time over the last few months. I've also dusted off my capacity to introspect. Most of the exercise of this rediscovered ability has gone into writing journal entries. I'll list some other random highlights for this month. I started re-reading Madeleine L'Engle's A Wrinkle in Time series for the first time since adolescence. I've watched nearly the entire Babylon 5 canon. I had another great Memorial Day weekend in Tahoe. I updated my todo lists for the first time in ages, started using my Doing.app regularly again, and added a new entry to my Daily Record for the first time since March. I bought a label printer, a better bluetooth headset, and a document scanner. I started taking a vitamin every day again. I'm drinking more water. Yes, I think I'm finally turning the corner again.