blog irony

2006-07-19 17:00:00 -0700

Just a short time after I switched from to blojsom from Moveable Type, Six Apart has announced that MT is now free for personal use with unlimited blogs and unlimted authors (the restriction on numbers of blogs and authors available in the free version being one of the primary reasons for my move away from Moveable Type in the first place). Meanwhile, I discovered that the next version of blojsom does not intend to continue support of a filesystem backend, a feature which was one of the primary reasons I chose it over other open source alternatives (others reasons being that it supports multiple blogs, multiple users, and is a Java-based). This is quite disappointing; I had been looking forward to having a long-term, well-maintained blog platform on which I could edit entries in vi, Xcode, SubEthaEdit, or whatever other editor happened to be at hand to edit blog entries and then check them in via Subversion (with a crontab entry to "svn up" my server's blog directory periodically to publish). For other blogs I'm hosting, I wanted to allow their owners to mount their blog directory via AFP, SMB, or WebDAV and use tools familiar to them to write blog entries in plain text. I suppose it would help me swallow this bitter pill if blojsom's web interface for entering and maintaining entries weren't so atrocious.

Ultimately, I guess there is no reason I can't have all of this except for the "well-maintained blog platform" part by sticking with 2.x indefinitely.

testing new setup

2006-07-14 13:15:51 -0700

This post is to check that the crontabbed svn up is getting run correctly, allowing me to simply commit to my blog Subversion repository to post. I'm also checking that the Apache Rewrite rule to redirect the old MoveableType RDF feed to the new RSS2 feed is working correctly.

new blog software

2006-06-27 16:51:50 -0700 I'm migrating blogs hosted at from MoveableType to blojsom. I'm posting the status on the migration here.

my dog ate my blog

2006-04-30 00:11:45 -0700

Some habits die hard. Here I am the night before my "assignment" is due, and I'm quickly tossing something together. I'm not sure this sort of last-minute post is keeping with the spirit of the commitment I made last month, but I suppose it is something. I spent much of the month not feeling well physically. After three weeks of feeling generally miserable, I finally went to the doctor. He diagnosed the symptoms as allergies and prescribed an antihistamine and a decongestant. The next day, I felt quite restored. This lasted most of the week. Now I'm feeling low on energy again and not terribly focused. And so ends this month's thrilling blog entry. Join me next month when I describe the features of my navel in painstaking detail.

a commitment

2006-03-30 00:14:22 -0800

I am hereby committing to posting at least one entry to this blog every month. But I can't promise that any future entries will be as exciting as this one.

a modest commitment experiment

2005-03-24 00:01:09 -0800

I will post to this blog every day for the rest of March, regardless of how short or inane the entry. I'm not sure what reward I'll give myself if I do, or what punishment I'll inflict on myself if I don't; past experience suggests that contemplating which of these strategies would be more effective at helping me to keep my commitment would delay inception indefinitely. Similarly, any attempts to work out in advance what time of day I do this, from where, how long I spend on it, the minimum or maximum length of the entries, what topics I'll address, whether or not I'll reply to comments, etc. are likely to be highly counterproductive. Whether I actually learn anything from this exercise or endeavor to record what I've learned is irrelevant. What is important is that I do what I have chosen to do, even in the face of the nearly pathological—and inadequately explored—fear or despair I've developed with respect to writing.

*cough* *cough* *tap* *tap* *tap*

2004-10-11 00:49:20 -0700

Is this thing on? Hello? Testing 1, 2, 3. Wow, it sure is dusty here.

catching up

2004-05-08 00:21:13 -0700

So it's been almost six months since I've updated this thing. I've written only about five entries in my journal in that time, and hardly any personal email. Until a few days ago, the most extensive writing I had done for months had been for work.

I have been doing well. Fairly uninspired at the moment, but well. Undoubtedly, for me to try to recount all of the drama and excitement of this year so far would be counterproductive. I'd probably never finish this entry, much less post it.

Random highlights include such things as: starring as Lord Mormon on Fantasy Bedtime Hour (Episodes 16 and 17; kung-fu voiceover in Episode 14), playing lots of MTG, spending lots of time at Cup-a-Joe, and not playing enough guitar.

I've been spending most of my time with a small number of close friends. I don't feel like I've been at home a whole lot lately. By the time I do get home each day, I rarely have the combination of energy, time, and timing to keep in touch with anyone.

Sandy has shamed me into starting to update this blog again. I set him up with his own blog not too long ago, and he's been posting to it regularly. He surely has much less free time than I do, but still manages to post at least once a week. Surely I can do as much.

David also gave me a man-mule sized kick in

If you, dear reader, would like a blog of your very own to neglect grievously, drop me a line.

first post from netnewswire

2003-06-01 00:03:24 -0700

NetNewsWire now supports Moveable Type. This is a test of that functionality. If it works well, maybe I'll post more. On a completely unrelated note, I've been experimenting with leaving Sticky Keys turned on to see if I can improve the state of my wrists which have both taken a turn for the worse due to various combinations of foosball, swing dancing, playing guitar, and typing.

moveable type 2.63

2003-03-29 00:52:33 -0800

I finally upgraded to moveable type 2.63. Added a category list to the header.


2003-02-18 00:05:29 -0800

Ever seen a shattered lcd?

blog to do list

2002-08-06 00:18:08 -0700

    edit stylesheets

    find desktop app for editing entries (kung-log?)

    figure out how to add dynamic content to link column

    is it possible to view by category?

    are there any plugins for managing lists?

    private vs. public delineation possible?

Hello, World

2002-08-06 00:11:12 -0700

I've just installed Moveable Type 2.21. My first step into the world of blogging. First thing I need to do is come up with a better word than "blog".

new home page

2002-08-06 00:10:17 -0700

I've spent the evening slogging through html, photos, and code, somehow winding up with this blog as my new home page. Woo woo.