hawk hill

2007-03-05 01:07:22 -0800 I've been riding almost every weekend out across Golden Gate Bridge and up Conzelman Road into the Marin Headlands to a nice little spot overlooking San Francisco called Hawk Hill. I decided a while back to try to take at least one photo every time I go. My photos hardly begin to capture the grandeur of the view, but here they are. The first set is the view from the turnaround before the precipitous drop toward Bunker Road; I try to take these from exactly the same place every time to give a time-lapse view. The second set are more or less random photos that I've taken while on this ride.

pillow fight

2006-02-21 00:03:40 -0800

On Valentine's Day, San Francisco had a pillow fight. When I first read about it on boingboing, I couldn't stop smiling for hours. I can't describe how much fun this was. I've posted photos (trying iWeb for the first time, this link may change). More photos available on Laughing Squid.

posting photos to an blog

2005-01-23 00:50:18 -0800

This is a test of inline photos in Moveable Type.


This is a view from my rooftop.

For those of you with your own blog at, here's an example of the type of html you'd need to put in your blog entry to do this:

<a href="/pathToImages/theFullSizeImageName.jpg">

<img height="180" width="240" alt="image caption" src="/pathToImages/theThumbnailImageName.jpg">


First you'll need to load the images using "Upload File" button available when you login to your blog. Let me know if you need any help with this.


2003-10-26 00:08:21 -0700

Sandy is sitting here next to me as I write about the awful pictures he took while he was visiting me here in San Francisco. Fortunately, the conversation was better than the photos by orders of magnitude. And he left me a book about cadavers! What more could a guy want?

From Sandy: Seth should be happy with the photos. They make him look better than in real life..... I am also one of the few people willing to visit him, that should count for something. Sorry my photgraphic artistry is not up to snuff....

melted monkey

2003-09-21 00:57:55 -0700

My monkey melted today as I slept. I pulled an all-nighter and fell asleep in the early afternoon. When I woke up, I found patches of what felt like cakes of sea salt on my sheets. Then in the shower, I discovered and brushed off many small bumps on my upper back and neck. It wasn't until I had put my contacts in, stepped back out into the bedroom, and saw my bookshelf that I realized what had happened. My wax monkey had melted. And as its waxy corpus dripped from the top shelf, the drops hit the lower shelves and the arm rest of my futon and splattered all over my bed, my books, the carpet, and my sleeping self.

Continuing to abide by my promise to Evil Incorporated, I am placing the Monkey in another prominent place here on my site, where I hope it will be less susceptible to another meltdown.

dailyme 6, 7, 8

2002-11-25 00:50:29 -0800

dailyme6, dailyme7, and dailyme8 now posted. Looking at some of the pics from these sets, I'm starting to think this project is a preemptive strike at blackmailers.

dailyme and dailyme2

2002-09-29 00:30:17 -0700

For the sake of completeness, here are dailyme and dailyme2, which I originally posted pre-blog.

king's canyon photos

2002-09-29 00:26:30 -0700

I've finally put up photos from the camping excursion Linda and I went on to King's Canyon in June. More bears, flora, vistas.


2002-09-21 00:02:46 -0700

I've put up dailyme5. This brings the the total to around 160 pictures of myself I've put up. Why?


2002-08-27 00:04:07 -0700

dailyme4 is up. There are some real winners in here. Not enough sleep. Just woke up. Sunburned. Unshaven. There's roughly one portrait shot for each close-up. Someday I might actually indicate which day each shot was taken on.


2002-08-06 00:24:40 -0700

I've just put up the third in a series of daily photos I've been taking of myself for the last month or so. You can find them here: dailyme3